Fake it 'til you make it

... or how I decided to share my art.

 It all started that day right before my eldest daughter's 5th birthday when I was presented with an opportunity though, truth be told, I didn't quite have the experience I may have said I did. But as they say, all's well that ends well and more than a few years later and despite many changes, I'm back to painting the things I love. 

What began as a re-creation of childhood full of wonderful images and whimsy - colourful paintings, fun-filled prints, sweet fabric creations and more - has evolved into more fine art paintings that still share the same colours and warmth as the original creations.  As time goes by, my interests as an artist have evolved and I currently work with more mixed media creations as I love to see the textures work together.

I balance my creative side with my "intellectual" side through my work as a mind-body therapist (both in energy therapies and psychotherapy).  I find all of us have more than one side and in my case, my passions seem to fit smashingly well together and are great complements to each other.

 I do believe I am very lucky indeed.

You can visit the other side of me at www.artofdiscovering.com

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